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Posted on November 21st 2014

Weight Loss Hypnotherapy, Aspired Therapies

The Anti Obesity Day (AOD) is observed in many parts of the world on 26th November 2014.  According to the ‘Overseas Development Institute (ODI). the number of overweight and obese adults in the developing world has almost quadrupled to around one billion since 1980 and it is believed that one in three people worldwide are now overweight. In the UK alone, a staggering 64% of adults are classed as being overweight or obese.

By now, it is becoming clear that diets alone don’t work. Most diets seem to succeed in the short term but tend to fail in the long term. This is because most, if not all diets are based on ‘deprivation’ of some kind. The more we deprive ourselves of certain foods, the more we think about it and the more we think about it and deny ourselves,  the more we crave for it. As a result, we are likely to eat more of what we are not supposed to have and weight gain is the most likely consequence.

We don’t always eat simply to satisfy our hunger. Sometimes the strongest cravings for food happen when you are at your weakest point emotionally.  You may turn to food for comfort – consciously or unconsciously – when you are facing a difficult problem, you may be experiencing high levels of stress or you may be faced with boredom. Unfortunately, emotional eating does not resolve emotional issues. After the initial ‘quick fix’ it often makes you feel worse and guilty for overeating. Emotional hunger cannot be fixed with food and will only sabotage any weight loss efforts.

Losing weight doesn’t have to be a struggle, help is available. Although negative emotions can trigger emotional eating, you can take steps to control cravings and renew any weight loss efforts. Losing weight is as much about how you think as it is about what you eat. It is all about making the ‘right’ choices.  Therapy can help you understand the motivations behind your emotional eating and help you learn and accept new coping skills. With certain hypnotherapeutic techniques it is possible to make conscious and subconscious decisions to choose a more healthy and permanent diet.

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