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Stress & Anxiety

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Modern life is often very stressful and this can have an adverse effect, both on the body and on the mind.  There can be so many things that we need to do that very often our own wellbeing comes bottom of the list.

Stress is a perfectly natural feeling that the human body needs at some levels, which most people deal with successfully every day. Stress becomes dangerous when we are unable to return to our relaxed state after short periods of stress. We can even become accustomed to high levels of stress without being aware of it, which can cause damage to your body.

Stress and anxiety can happen as a result of work or financial pressures, family and relationship issues or bereavement and loss. It is telling you that your body is out of balance. The active sympathetic nervous system is working harder than the quietening parasympathetic nervous system. Your adrenalin levels are too high causing more acidity in the body. To balance the nervous system the body needs to rest and digest.


At aspired therapies, we can help you to: stress therapy and management helps in relaxation reduce tension

  • Relax
  • Concentrate
  • Sleep deeply
  • Eat healthily
  • Digest food better
  • Manage anxiety
  • Deal with trauma
  • Move through grief
  • Increase motivation
  • Balance work and life

Hypnotherapy helps you to remember  how to relax, how to have satisfying power naps and nights of sleep, assisting your mind to regroup, re-energise and take control. You will find you are more alert and able to concentrate better, too.

Psychotherapy can help you to discover the cause of your stress and anxiety. The aim should never be to eliminate stress, but to learn to manage it and thereby learn ways to cope with it.

Whatever the cause of your stress, aspired therapies can help you come to terms with it and move on in a healthy and productive way.

Angela is a qualified Stress Management Consultant and is holding regular stress management workshops/seminars.

Relaxation sessions make an ideal gift and gift vouchers are available on request.

“Now and then it’s good to pause in our pursuit of happiness and just be happy.”
Guillaume Apollinaire


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