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Stop Smoking

With commitment and motivation, YOU CAN quit smoking with hypnosis, using professional hypnotherapy
Be FREE, at last, from a habit you used to have. Can you afford not to???

Did you know it costs £3785 if you smoke 20 a day for a year at an average prize of £10.40p per packet? A high price to pay in monetary terms, but nothing compared to the high cost smoking claims upon your health each time you light up!

Smoking – The hard facts:

  • Half of all people who smoke will be killed by their habit. One in four will die of lung cancer.
  • Every year about 114,000 smokers in the UK die from smoking related causes, 312 per day.
  • Smokers under 40 have a five times greater risk of dying from a heart attack than non-smokers.
  • Having between 1 and 14 cigarettes a day increases your risk of getting lung cancer by as much as eight times.
  • Smoking causes 90% of all cases of lung cancer. Cigarettes can also cause cancer of the larynx, throat, oesophagus, bladder, kidney and pancreas.
  • 1,000 people are admitted to hospital every day in the UK with an illness caused by smoking.

Benefits of becoming a Non Smoker:

  • 20 minutes: Your blood pressure and pulse rate return to normal.
  • 8 hours: Carbon monoxide and nicotine are eliminated from the body.
  • 48 hours: Decline in lung function halts. Risk of lung cancer stops increasing and begins to decrease.
  • 2 to 21 weeks: Circulation improves.
  • 3 to 9 months: Coughing and wheezing decline. Lung function increases by up to 10%.
  • 1 year: Risk of a heart attack falls to about half that of a smoker.

Our smoking cessation sessions incorporate all the latest techniques of hypnosis and will:

  • Enable you to understand the addiction process
  • Equip you with techniques to deal with any cravings should they occur
  • Enable you to visualise yourself in a happy smoke-free environment
  • Leave you with feelings of confidence, ensuring your success
  • Prolong your life
  • Save you money

This is a very personal, one-to-one, Stop Smoking session. No two sessions are ever the same because no two smokers are ever the same. A simple, but powerful change must occur in order for you to break the habit. That is what we will help you bring about.

With a genuine desire and motivation to quit smoking, YOU CAN.

Smokers often talk about it needing to be “the right time” to quit. But when is that?
Chances are that if you’re still reading this, by now you will have realised that this is your “right time” – so don’t miss your moment and contact us now.

“I thought I would give you an update to how things are for me after my last session with you.
I have not had, not wanted, not desired a cigarette at all! I do think about that first hit from one but the idea of actually lighting and smoking one doesn’t enter my head.
Thank you so much! It’s a wonderful ‘free’ feeling knowing I’m no longer reliant on them, something I want to shout  from the rooftops….” Alison

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