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Aspired Therapies, HabitsAt aspired therapies, we can help resolve habits such as nail biting, pulling your own hair (trichotillomania), teeth grinding (bruxism) or any other habit you may have.

Habitual behaviour is usually set up during childhood and while it may occasionally be copied from role models or peers it is usually set up as a response to stress or feelings of isolation, rejection, injustice and fear.

This coping mechanism, originally designed to distract us from the situation in which we find ourselves, often then becomes habituated and is used unconsciously. It feels as if there is no conscious control because the subconscious mind triggers the coping mechanism before the conscious mind becomes aware of the uncomfortable feeling which the habitual behavior is masking. Because habits usually reflect an inner anxiety it will be necessary to resolve this anxiety for the habitual behaviour to be resolved.

Sometimes holding on makes you stronger, but more often it’s letting go. 


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