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Happy endings and new beginnings…..

“I have been overweight and dieting for most of my life without ever achieving any lasting results. With the help of Change your life with Aspired TherapiesAngela, I managed to resolve my emotional  comfort eating and I also like myself more. At times it was hard and a couple of times I nearly gave up but Angela was very understanding and supportive. Hypnotherapy weig
ht management is not a quick fix solution, it was a way of showing me that I can be in control of what I eat and feel good about myself ….. Thank you”. 
Sarah – Kington

” I was desperate to stop smoking and have tried many times before. When a friend told me about stop smoking with hypnotherapy, I was very skeptical. I spoke to Angela on the telephone and she sounded very knowledgeable and professional, so I decided to give it a try. I am happy to say that 6 months down thank you, aspired therapiesthe line, I am still a NON SMOKER,
thanks to Angela” 
Robert – Leominster

” For as long as I can remember, I have suffered from low self-esteem thinking that I was a total failure. I went to see Angela at a particular low point in my life.  Angela helped me see myself  in a different light. She helped me build my confidence and courage, she helped me to believe in myself. I sometimes think of those dark days and appreciate just  how much my life has changed. Thank you”.  Gill – Llandrindod Wells